Let us explain

Creating a high-quality website is a very time-consuming task which can take weeks or months to accomplish. Although, WordPress facilitates much of the heavy back-end lifting (database, file structure, and classes). The front-end is an entirely different story.

Due to prototyping, concept development, and final website provisioning. The front-end also know as the face of your new website comes at a substantial expense. To decrease the burden on our customers, we began with the idea of templating high-quality layouts, helping decrease expenses while speeding up development. These savings are carried over to our customers making the sites far more affordable.

Lastly, High-performance matters and speed counts. We put a lot of emphasis on high gear to run our client’s websites. It makes an enormous difference.

“Roughly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout, and new findings suggest that slow load times are the number-one culprit.” [Original Post]

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